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6 Things You Need To Know About Choose A Roof Top Tent

Are you planning to buy a roof top car tent?

We herewith tell you
6 things for your reference.

Of course, at first, it takes practice and extra time to set up the roof top tent, but it doesn’t take too long to get it down to a science. The setup can be done quite easily by one person, once deployed, all there’s left to do is to open the tent’s window flaps. 

According to our experience, hard shell roof top tent, actually in a minute, soft shell roof top tent will be longer, but
5 minutes is also enough.

If you plan to travel by yourself, putting it away and folding it back can be a bit of an issue for a single person. Folding the tent back up is pretty easily done, but the hard part, or trickier issue consists of snuggling back the extra flabby fabric that hangs out as you fold back. Tucking everything in requires a certain amount of coordination.

Once the tent is folded (plopped) back, one person can pull down on the overhanging ladder, which reopens it in order to enable the other person to tuck the fabric back in place, on all three sides. Afterwards, all that’s left is to secure the velcro straps holding both halves of the tent in place, they can be tightened by having a person stand or kneel on top sides of the tent. Adjusting the protective exterior rubber shell over the tent is the last step of this
4-5 minutes operation.

Staying dry is always a major preoccupation when camping. Nobody wants water in their sleeping quarters. Our fabrics are waterproof, are coated PU coating, and the surface of the fabric is also water-repellent, when the rain hits the tent, the rain will quickly fall off due to the water-repellent coating. So the inside can be dry!!!

Each of our tents has a mesh window, which can be ventilated and protected against mosquitoes. Especially this tent , there are 3 support methods, can be used all year round. 

Each tent comes with a sponge mat, the thickness varies from 5-7CM, so that you can have the most comfortable experience in the tent.​​​​​​​

The lighter the roof top tent can reduce the resistance of the car when you drive in the wind. We also have ultra-light styles, more space, the same comfort and waterproof, but lighter weight.